Thursday, September 13, 2012

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

In the Woods

Today was a beautiful day.  Sunny and so much cooler.  I love fall and today you could feel fall in the air.  After nap time we decided to take a hike into the woods beside our house.  Before we left we talked about what we might see in the woods.  Max really was hoping to see a turkey.  We saw many of the things we discussed earlier and even discovered a few surprises.  We collected treasures along the way.  It felt good to be outside and do something simple as a family. I have a new lens so I took a bunch of "practice" photos.

Maxton is really good at spotting letter shapes in everyday items.  Today he found an X and a Y.

When we got home me made a "sticky board" to display our treasures.  To make a sticky board just use the sticky side of clear contact paper.  We had to use a little clear tape on some of the heavier pieces.  

 No turkey today, maybe next time.....