Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Trip to the Fair

We took Maxton to the Fair on Tuesday.  He loved it.

Max is amazed by Ferris Wheels and was very much looking forward to riding the one pictured above.
He did not meet the height requirement and was kicked out of line.  He managed to NOT have a total meltdown and for that I was one proud momma.  

He rode everything else he qualified for at 37 inches tall.  While he was on the dragon ride the "operator" told me it was in real need of maintenance.  Just what every mother is dying to hear while her two year old is whirling around all by himself on a purple dragon.

We checked out all of the livestock, ate a $40 corndog dinner and watched the Monster Truck Show.
It was awesome, can't wait until next year!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baking Cookies

Max is very helpful, he likes to be involved in any and everything.  This post is our second attempt at making chocolate chip cookies.  If you know me then you know I don't cook.  Stephen is the resident chef around here so it was really no big surprise when our first batch of cookies were inedible.  We tired again and they turned out pretty darn good!  Maxton was very involved both times and this was a great learning experience for him.  Here are all our ingredients laid out and ready to go.

Max liked "peeling the butter" this was great fine motor practice.  When cooking with toddlers the key is patience, letting them do things independently takes a little longer than just doing it for them.

Max loves the mixer.  He is all about machines of any sort.

He is getting better at cracking eggs too.  No shells in this batch.

"Can I eat a little chip?"

Turning the dough into balls was a big hit.

"They are puffing up in there!"

Licking the beaters and cleaning up while our cookies bake.

"These cookies are tasty."

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Painting Tracks and Bubbles

Max made some cool art the other day with a few things we had around the house.
He really enjoys painting but is less interested in writing with crayons or markers.
I try to encourage some type of "writing" daily, but on this day he asked to paint so we did.
He loves trucks and cars so I invited him to paint tracks.
Here is how it evolved.

 This is how I initiated the activity.

Maxton chose the vehicles he wanted to use.  I poured paint out in trays so he could easily coat the wheels.  We used the back side of wrapping paper because I was all out of large white paper.

 Each toy made different tracks.  We talked about how they were all unique.

That same day we made a bubble wrap painting.  It turned out so awesome I framed it for my office.  
I had some bubble wrap that came in a package a while back.  I had been saving it for this Maxtivity.  
He popped a lot of the bubbles but I managed to save a few for the project.

First paint over the bubbles.

Then just press your paper down to make a print.

When you lift it you get a bright, beautiful bubbles on your paper.

The Yes Files

Shew...two year old boys are really busy little people.  I find myself saying "NO" a lot!  I have had to remind myself that curiosity equals learning.  I'm going to make an effort to say YES when I can.  I want to encourage Maxton to be independent, inquisitive, adventurous and creative.  These are some of my YES Files, now get out there and make some YES Files of your own.


You can ride the Jet Ski at full throttle with your dad.
Age 2  Cherokee Lake summer 2012



You may jump from the wall into the pool.
 Age 1 Summer 2011


You may use "real" tools to crack your dino egg.
age 2 Spring 2012