Friday, July 20, 2012

Light Table Play

We converted a train table into a light table a while back. 

Sensory play is important for all children and has been proven to relax and calm.  The amazing glow from the light table is a great way to optimize sensory play.  The light table adds a different dimension to play and the opportunities for its use are endless.  There are various toys designed for light play but they are not required.  Max has enjoyed using the light table for several different Maxtivities so far.  It easily converts back to a trusty train table, simply lay the train panels over the plexi glass.

Here he is playing with water beads and floral stones on the light table.

 This year we colored eggs on the light table.  The food coloring looked really cool!

 Using a dropper to mix colors on paper towels.
Below we made cloud dough on the light table.  By adding a clear plastic bin you can mix material without a giant mess.  Finger painting also works great inside the bin.
 These colored window blocks are a lot of fun.  He likes to pretend they are buildings and homes.
 We even planted our garden seeds on the light table, not necessary but fun.

I got the light table conversion idea from pinterest.  You make a simple light panel with some Christmas lights and a large clear storage tote.  Have fun!

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