Thursday, August 2, 2012

Painting Tracks and Bubbles

Max made some cool art the other day with a few things we had around the house.
He really enjoys painting but is less interested in writing with crayons or markers.
I try to encourage some type of "writing" daily, but on this day he asked to paint so we did.
He loves trucks and cars so I invited him to paint tracks.
Here is how it evolved.

 This is how I initiated the activity.

Maxton chose the vehicles he wanted to use.  I poured paint out in trays so he could easily coat the wheels.  We used the back side of wrapping paper because I was all out of large white paper.

 Each toy made different tracks.  We talked about how they were all unique.

That same day we made a bubble wrap painting.  It turned out so awesome I framed it for my office.  
I had some bubble wrap that came in a package a while back.  I had been saving it for this Maxtivity.  
He popped a lot of the bubbles but I managed to save a few for the project.

First paint over the bubbles.

Then just press your paper down to make a print.

When you lift it you get a bright, beautiful bubbles on your paper.

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