Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ABC & 123 Crayons

 Making Letter and Number Crayons

We first made these letter crayons  last February.  Prior to making these crayons Max was pretty much uninterested in letters.  After we made them I used them to teach Maxton his uppercase letters and numbers.  He loved matching them on  playmats I made for him.  He learned to recognize and name  all of  his letters and the numbers 0-9  in about 2 weeks at age 2! 

Since then we have made many more sets of these for gifts and of course to replace broken ones from our set.  We have extended this activity by  spelling our names and other high frequency words.  This is an activity he chooses to play with over and over. 


Peeling the paper off.

A completed set right out of the molds.


Letter and number playmats.


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