Saturday, October 6, 2012


Maxton has made tie dyes a few times.  In the past we have always used fabric dye.  It is fun but very messy and the dye stains everything it touches.  This past summer we made red, white and blue shirts for Independence Day.
Here Max and Savannah are using Rit fabric dyes.

My niece Ella was told us about using Sharpie Markers to create tie dye shirts a few weeks ago while we were on a family vacation.  We decided to give it try and I think they turned out really cool.
We used Sharpie Markers, rubber bands, rubbing alcohol, medicine droppers and some cups.  
Some of the shirts we used the cups to make circles for the boys to color inside of.  It helped them to focus on one area of the shirt at a time.  On other shirts we twisted, tied off with a rubber band and colored between the bands. After you color your shirt you squirt the alcohol on the colors to make the colors bleed.  When shirt is dry set the colors by heating in the dryer.  
Before, a blank canvas.

Maxton coloring his t shirt.

Here is the whole gang.  From age 2 to Mamaw, they all liked this Maxtivity.

This is a shirt before we added the alcohol.

Ella drew little pictures inside each of her circles.  Her shirt was my favorite.

All finished and drying in the beach breeze.

I loved how everyone's shirts turned out different.  There was very little mess and the little boys could do this type of tie die very independently.  We will be doing this again very soon.

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